Skin Care

All our soaps are handmade of natural plant-based oils, herbs, and essential oils to take you through delightful aroma experiences. Olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, and shea butter are the main ingredients that nourish your skin. For a moisturizing feel and radiant look, we added a selection of essential oils, combined with sea minerals and extracts of several fruits and herbs. Enjoy your daily self-care ritual with these most sensitive ingredients, leaving your skin all fresh and clean. With no added scent, the unique bars come with the fragrance of their natural ingredients.

To make the best out of your hammam ritual, our hammam scrub gloves come in handy. The exfoliating gloves unclog pores, stimulate blood circulation and make the skin easy to moisturize. Whether at a Turkish bathhouse or in your own private bathroom, your skin will feel soft and invigorated. Our bath gloves are either made of plant-based fibers (cellulose) or knitted by local village women from goat hair strings. Both types are biodegradable, leave zero waste, and are environmentally friendly. A very traditional Turkish hammam accessory you can’t miss out on. Made by hand in ateliers and farms across Turkey.

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